Oxidized Copper Skull

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Certified Original

40 x 40 cm , 1.8cm Thick

The copper skull represents people who achieve 3rd place in any given competition. People who reach the third place are underrated and we easily forget how much work they have put into their craft. Instead, we are quick to celebrate only the best, even when the difference between them is only marginal. Copper does not rust like iron and its compounds however it does get oxidized. Firstly, it forms a dark brown or black color but eventually, it turns into a beautiful blue–green patina. The whole skull is oxidized representing all the blood sweat and tears put into one’s craft. Only the flower has further oxidized to the patina state. In other words, good things take time, and not all outcomes will satisfy you, however you should not give up so easily. The real reward comes after a long-term dedication.