Artist Description

The Skull, Flower & Eye

These are the anchors of the GABUNI brand. Normally skulls symbolize death. I want to break this association and allow the general population to see my point of view. Skulls are the most beautiful evidence of life and its complexities. Studying medicine has majorly opened my eyes to the incredible miracle of life itself. In a vast universe of cold, desolate, and harsh space, we are lucky enough to even exist! We should be grateful that we are able to experience everything we do! Although there are millions of species on this planet, we are the only ones who have created a civilization and passed knowledge across generations. This has allowed us to evolve, create and connect.

 The flower expresses creativity which is one of our most important attributes. Creativity and insight come hand in hand inside the human brain. We are all unique in the way we have a unique point of view of the almost infinite combinations of patterns possible. Without creativity, we would not even begin the stone age! Most of the flowers I draw are inspired by real-life however I use the colors and patterns that express the emotions I feel as I am painting.

 ''The eye is symbolic of reality, true vision, and the serious side of a human being. We cannot just be creative and dream, we must balance it with reality. The eye sees things objectively and helps us filter out falsehoods and delusions.''